2400 mg | Extra-Strength ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™

100lbs+ or Dosage Increases
2400 of CBD concentration in 30mL bottle

Proprietary Premium Tincture from Colorado Hemp Oil


2 reviews for X-Strength CBD Oil

  1. David

    My dog Poppy was having hip troubles (Old English Sheep Dog), and you could see how much she struggled to just get up and move around. She’s not a puppy again, but she is moving easier, and you can just see she is happier. I’ll be subscribing… when you offer that 🙂

  2. Ashley G

    I am so glad I found ABS. Our PT vet actually gave us two to research and only had yours and one other to suggest bc of the testing being done on each. I am so glad she did! I truly feel it has helped both my dogs. Yes you can share the information, and picture- whatever else you need. I have a ton of pictures of them, let me know if you need another? I do agree the blasto info/side of it is interesting and I think it really has helped Cass because he has NEVER lost his appetite and frankly, any energy, during his fight with it. This is a sickness that kills dogs and he has only once had a flare up and even then, I had him on the 2400mg and he recovered in 24 hours with rimydal added in.

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