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CBD for Rescue Dogs

We're donating CBD oil to shelters and rescues this month in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Nominate your favorite shelter today!
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Help Us Support Rescues and Shelters

Shop, share, and support your local pet rescue or shelter! We're donating CBD oil for National Adopt a Shelter Dog month!
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CSU Clinical Trials Feature in New Veterinary Textbook

A comprehensive new veterinary textbook published by Springer highlights the importance of the clinical trials we sponsor at Colorado State University.
Service dog helping disabled vet

Three Cheers for Working Dogs!

Not all dogs are couch potatoes! From service dogs to rescue dogs to skydiving poacher patrols, canines contribute in a big way. This Labor Day, we celebrate the working dogs!
National CBD Day Dog

National CBD Day

Celebrate National CBD Day with us by stocking up on our Pure Organic CBD Oil for Pets. Your pet will thank you!

CBD and the FDA

Wondering about the FDA's role in regulating CBD? Check out ther recently published FAQ about Cannabis-derived products such as CBD.
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FDA Warns Manufacturers of Mislabeled CBD

Inaccurate labeling is a huge problem in the CBD industry. Steer clear of mislabeled products and stick with the most rigorously tested and clinically tried product on the market!
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Have a Very Happy "FURth" of July!

Happy Fourth of July to you and your furry loved ones!

CSU Epilepsy Study Results Published!

Exciting results from CSU epilepsy trial published this week in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Decorated Canine Military Hero

In Honor of Furry Heroes

Not all military heroes are human. In honor of the canine soldiers who served to protect our freedom, a celebration for Memorial Day.
Dr. Stephanie McGrath

Dr. Stephanie McGrath Addresses CSU Pueblo

Watch veterinary neurologist Stephanie McGrath discuss her clinical trials using ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil.
Webinar update on CBD oil for pets

AKCCHF Update on the Science Behind CBD For Pets

Dr. Stephanie McGrath, DVM, presented a live webinar last week on veterinary CBD use.
CB1 Receptor Chart

The Endocannabinoid System Explained

Introducing the first video in our CBD Literacy series: The Endocannabinoid System Explained.
Applied Basic Science tests every batch of C.H.O.™ Pet CBD Oil.

Pure CBD oil Eliminates Contaminants

Applied Basic Science cares for your pet with CBD oil that has gone through three clinical trials and rigorous batch testing.

Blastomycosis Beware - CBD as Complementray Therapy for Fungal Infections

CBD oil isn't just for pain and anxiety. Scientists and veterinarians are discovering more benefits every day. Today's case: relief from a fungal infection.

Applied Basic Science Shines at 20th Annual CVMBS Research Day

Clinical researchers using ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™ win honors at CSU Research Conference.
CBD research

Clinical Testing Defines Applied Basic Science

CBD—the non-psychoactive derivative of the marijuana and hemp plants—has taken off among humans, marketed as a solution for everything from pain and anxiety to skin care and diet.
CBD Safetly Trial CSU

Groundbreaking Safety, Toxicity, and Pharmacokinetics Study Published

ABSC and Colorado State University break new ground with veterinary CBD safety and toxicity study.

Two Clinical Studies: Osteoarthritis and Epilepsy

Aided in large part by the commitment and investment of science-driven firms like Applied Basic Science, cannabis research for veterinary patients is cautiously advancing.
ABSC tests every batch of CBD oil for consistency and purity.

Penn Medicine Research Finds Mislabeled CBD Products

ABSC Organics shares concerns that CBD products are frequently mislabeled. Our testing ensures consistent CBD concentrations and purity.
CBD clinical studies

CBD-Infused Oil Delivers the Goods

The July 2018 issue of the Canadian Journal of Veterinary Medicine highlights a clinical study investigating CBD delivery methods. Dr. McGrath and her colleagues looked at how...
C.H.O Pet Tincture

"Promising" News for CBD Epilepsy Treatment

Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital reports promising news about CBD and epilepsy.

Encouraging News for Veterinary CBD Oil Use

We are proud to partner with Dr. McGrath and Colorado State University in support of clinical trials for veterinary use of CBD oil.