How do I administer C.H.O.™ CBD Oil to my dog?

It’s easy to administer C.H.O.™ CBD Oil! Each bottle contains a dropper to administer dosing. Find the right dosage using the dosage instructions that come with the product. Using the provided dropper, place the appropriate number of drops for your pet directly in your pet’s mouth. You can also put the drops onto a spoon, being sure that your pet licks the spoon clean.  Another alternative method would be to place it directly on his or her food.

How do I know how much C.H.O.™ CBD Oil to give my pet?

Each bottle of C.H.O.™ CBD Oil Pet Tincture comes with dosage instructions based on weight. Those dosage instructions can also be found with the product descriptions on the SHOP page.

We have found from our pet owners that Baseline Dosage is sufficient for 70% of cases. If your pet does not respond, you may increase dosage by up to 5x Baseline Dosage. This is equivalent to the amount used in the Clinical Trials we sponsored at Colorado State University CVMBS.

For intractable cases, pet owners have increased up to 10X Baseline Dosage (in line with what is being considered in a Dosage Escalation trial). For these cases, we also recommend our 2400mg bottle which has a higher concentration, may be easier to measure, and reduce frequent re-orders. For these cases, please review the Extra-Strength Dosage tab on the 2400mg bottle .

How many doses are in a bottle of C.H.O.™ CBD Oil?

We provide baseline dosage recommendations–based on weight–with each bottle of C.H.O.™ CBD Oil. We also provide escalation recommendations for dogs that need a higher dose. So the rate at which you finish a bottle will depend on your pet’s weight and dose. We can say that for an average-sized dog (based on the size category) on a baseline dose, one bottle provides a one-month supply.

Does C.H.O.™ CBD Oil need to be refrigerated?

The hemp seed oil used in our commercial product* is formulated in a such a way that it does not require refrigeration. However, if you need to store your CBD oil for long periods, we do recommend refrigeration. Regrigeration will extend the life of unopened product by 2 years.

*Please note – if you are participating in the CSU study, your product contains a different fragrance (to make it imperceptible from the placebo) and it DOES require refrigeration.

Can I freeze C.H.O.™ CBD Oil?

Please do not freeze C.H.O.™ Pet CBD Oil! If you need to store it, we recommend refrigeration, which can extend the life by up to two years for unopened product.

What are the differences between the commercial C.H.O.™ CBD Oil Pet Tincture and the CBD oil used in the CSU studies?

The hemp strain is the same in both products, as is the all-natural savory flavoring, which comes directly from CSU. It is a pet-safe flavoring that is used in many of the compounded drug formulations at the CSU pharmacy. The only difference between the two products is in the fragrance, mainly because the study product must be imperceptible from the placebo.

What is the difference between C.H.O.™ CBD Oil and marijuana?

Our CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plants at a strategic time and date that allows us to maximize the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. This process also eliminates THC–the psychoactive component in marijuana that delivers the “high.”

Are there any psychoactive ingredients In C.H.O.™ CBD Oil Pet Tincture?

No. C.H.O.™ CBD Oil is non-psychoactive. Our plants are cut and the hemp oil is extracted long before the plant can form amounts of psychoactive THC > 0.3%. (Federal law mandates that legal industrial hemp products–including CBD oil–must have THC concentrations under 0.3%.)

Where is C.H.O.™ CBD Oil grown and manufactured?

C.H.O.™ CBD Oil Pet Tincture is the proprietary product of Applied Basic Science Corporation. It is created from concentrated, organically-grown Colorado hemp extract, which is grown, processed, and compounded in Colorado.

Is C.H.O.™ Pet CBD Oil safe for all pets?

Currently, C.H.O.™ CBD Oil has only been studied in dogs; feline and equine studies are forthcoming.

Can I give C.H.O.™ CBD Oil to my 12-week old puppy?

We have not conducted any clinical trials on puppies, however, several pet owners have administered it to their puppies at our baseline dosage and have achieved good results.

Will the cost of C.H.O.™ CBD Oil Pet Tincture be covered under my pet insurance policy?

We recommend checking with your pet insurance provider; many will reimburse 90 to 100 percent of the cost depending on the insurance plan.

What is the difference between a clinical trial and a test?

In a test, a sample of oil from a large batch is sent to a testing laboratory. The lab provides a report that details the product profile. Our testing also checks for pesticides, microbes and other chemicals.

In the Phase 1 clinical trial “Assessment of Safety, Toxicity, and Pharmacokinetics of Cannabidiol in Healthy Dogs” we sponsored with researchers at Colorado State University, researchers looked at the safety of CBD oil in healthy dogs. They followed a study design approved by a professional review board and conducted the following procedures: 30 healthy dogs were assigned to receive one of three formulations (capsule, oil, transdermal cream), at a high daily dose. Serial plasma concentrations were measured following the first dose. At 2-, 4-, and 6-weeks, blood was collected for CBC, chemistry panel, urinalysis, bile acids, and active ingredient plasma concentrations. Weekly physical examinations were performed, and at the completion of the trial, all 30 dogs were very healthy.

Did you follow any protocols to insure that the dogs in the Phase 1 clinical trial were treated humanely and ethically?

Yes. The clinical trials were reviewed and regulated under the supervisory committee of Colorado State University established by federal mandate. This committee is known as The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). At CSU the committee is comprised of members who are highly qualified and experienced. This committee oversees CSU’s animal program, facilities, and procedures. For more information please visit

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This product has been tested as safe. However, every dog, breed and situation is different. Please consult with your veterinarian in order to make an informed decision, discuss any complications and report any adverse side effects. Until we complete our clinical trials we cannot recommend our product for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or ailment.